Wednesday, January 27, 2016


This blogpost will serve as the introduction to what my project is trying, keyword trying, to tackle.

I’m unmasking the mask behind my clients at Sephora. I’m going into the life of a client that I don’t know, nor do I necessarily want to know their background. I’m just imaging based on a conversation that I have heard, and been a part of and reacted to and experienced and had to react to a scenario that made me question what this girl’s life is really like outside of the walls of Sephora. I’m diving into what I think her life would be based on my cultural experience and knowledge of the beauty industry and its effects on the coming generations of the world, but with a gay man’s twist.

Within the world of retail exists a world of frustration and anger that resides within the employee.  Sometimes thanks to the retailer that you work for, sometimes because of the sheer idiocy that one has to put up with from time to time.  

an retail employee probably wrote this drunk or high, or both

A retail store is a space that welcomes anyone and everyone; the store doors do not discriminate.  My method of coping often involves deconstructing specific interactions and moments of shock, stupidity, what be it. Often it takes place at a bar with a few beers with friends that also work the retail scene, and also down for making a mockey of whatever happened that day.

My goal here is to document short little insights into the world of retail that is often seen through gifs on Buzzfeed articles, but rarely seen in the real. Or is it the hyperreal?

see what I mean?

Ultimately, I want something that I can look back on that will remind me to never work retail again.  And that's real enough for me.

Monday, January 25, 2016

An Unnamed Need for Beauty

Angus hard at work!

Friday night's gallery opening was a welcome sight for eyes that deal with all things beauty on the daily. Professor Tilghman encouraged us to look at the details of the beautiful collections, with an emphasis on texture and surface. As an artist, texture is one of my favorite components of a piece, regardless of the artist's choice of medium. I feel that if an artist is able to manipulate and incorporate texture in a new and exciting manner, I'm a happy and satisfied attendee! Ability to manipulate texture and create something new has always been of high interest to me, and I definitely was able to experience something truly breathtaking at the show with the insanely perfect arrangement of insects that we were met with upon entrance of the space.

I was immediately intrigued and stunned by the sheer beauty of Jennifer Angus' installation of wallpaper patterned insects. In her artist statement, she states that she hopes top take the adult viewer back to the magic pull that insects had on us as children. Although I never really bought into the magic of insects as a kid, obviously opting for Barbie and Ken dolls instead, as an adult I undeniably felt the magic of her use of color, texture, and pattern. I have to say that Angus was successful with her mission because I walked into the front room and immediately had an ear-to-ear smile plastered onto my face. After getting over the initial shock/fascination of her masterful patterned arrangement, one can truly dig into the beauty of what Angus has set forth before us.

Don't they look like they're sleeping so nicely?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Peel off that Mask!

For my project, I chose to portray a version of reality that may or may not exist, solely based on one interaction that I had with a two clients, mom and daughter, at the makeup store where I work. 

Baudrillard's breakdown of the successive phases of an image are what I'm basing my work off of.

"This would be the successive phases of the image:
- it is the reflection of a basic reality
- it masks and perverts a basic reality
- it masks the absence of a basic reality
- it bears no relation to any reality whatever: it is its own pure simulacrum" (pg. 11, Baudrillard)

My short Snapchat style video will be a "day in the life of" style VLOG that was/is popular in the YouTube blogger community.  I'm creating a fictitious version of how what this girl's day was like on the day my interaction with her took place.  

I have no idea who this girl is.  I have no idea what her day to day life is like.  I don't know if she's a makeup expert or novice.  This method of storytelling is in no way academic or "professional."  This Snapchat story will most likely bear absolutely no relation to her reality in the slightest, besides the little nugget of truth that I experienced first-hand.  

I'm simply unmasking a little bit of the mask that I put on people everyday, even if it's not plausible.