Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jennifer Angus | A Revisit

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend J. Angus' talk last week because a bitch has rent to pay! I can, however, research and put my Google skills to use!

Upon landing on her website, I can immediately tell that she's utterly obsessed with insects.  What happened during her childhood that made her connect with insects so strongly? The only memories of insects I have as a child are ones of fear and "get me the hell away from it!!!!"  Growing up in Texas really fucks with you as kid.  Cockroaches and crickets become a trigger for you, especially during the hot and humid summer months that are also known as the best times for bugs to get busy and make babies.

does this look like a happy childhood to you?

Childhood memories aside, the work that Jennifer Angus is able to create from forms and shapes that we usually deem dirty and downright gross is quite beautiful.  In a sense, she is a true artist, capable of capturing beauty in something I have such a nasty memory of.  Her use of pattern is such a delight to the eye and her ability to utilize the organic color of the insects on such a large scale is striking.

seriously, how gorgeous!
While I appreciate the beauty in her work, I don't think this is something I would want decorating my walls. :)

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